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Taiwan Fine Arts Award - the light and heat which made Taiwan in bloom

    The juridical association-Taiwan Fine Arts Association this year entering the second year magnificently, though the economic turmoil prodigiously, and still in the doldrums, but the enthusiasm of the artists remains unabated; thinking about how to integrate the humanities, technology, transnational, cross-media, and the efforts of officials and business groups, fully demonstrates Taiwan vitality, creativity, play to the influence of the Taiwan Association of Fine Arts, then lead coquettish!TFA01


    The mission and vision of the corporation aggregate Art Association in Taiwan, Lin, Chung -Ming the chairman raised - links to galleries, art critics, collectors, artists ... together to create a fertile ground for the development of arts, with dignity, applause, dedication, feedback, prospects artistic creation environment. During the development of civilization of the art history of the world, most are just an afterthought, the artistic circle lacks not only the attention of others, understanding, caring, but self-reflection and hard work, asking for people worse off than themselves, helping yourself then others would help; to issue Taiwan Fine Art Award, it probably had only issued a weak little light in the beginning, but the follow-up to a positive impact on Taiwan's art scene, and continue to bloom the light and heat of the arts in Taiwan, and we look forward to a warm, pray that this is a good start!
1. Monarch Award -60 years old or more, and the creation of unremitting extraordinary achievements, with masterpieces enough for the art scene, set an example.
2. NovaAward-40 years of age, innovative masterpiece again and again, stars of the future should be encouraged.
3. Lifetime Achievement Award -80-years-old member tirelessly dedicated his life to art, sufficient as a model.
4. Special Contribution Award - to encourage creative and artistic action ... refreshing artistic creation, the light of the art scene.


    Winners of the first time and winning deeds(Nova Award winner absent)
◎Monarch Award – Li, Jian-zhong-90 years old painter of the new breed modern painting, lived in New York, established the "Li Jian-zhong Biennial Award" in Taiwan in 2010 to encourage the young artists.
◎Lifetime Achievement Award -Zhang Dong-bi-incessantly creating works of art, is committed to cultivating Taiwan Fine Arts, hardworking, guiding the followers, enough as paradigm for the junior.
◎Special Contribution Award - Wu Yin-Sheng - deep plowing art education in Taiwan for more than 40 years, respecting nature and friends, exuberant creation, contributing money and efforts, and the Taiwanese art.


    Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition predecessors Member-based, but a total of four awards are open and transparent and selfless, open and fair vote, trophy commissioned by
Jiang Han-qing production. With limited funding it is temporarily unable to offer prize money, in the future possible plan to make pure gold build trophies, to honor the innovation winners of respected, pride and winning. Nova Prize is actively recommend to collectors, galleries, providing Collection, brokerage agent the opportunity to train young artists to become professional artists; special Contribution Award seek for yearly art event which impact society positively, causing public discussion of arts, winners will be artists mainly, but not limited to artists, entrepreneurs and collectors can join.


    In recent years, tennis players, basketball players, professional baseball star, are famous internationally known as "the Light Of Taiwan", reminding me - Van Gogh, suicide with pistol at 37, after the death the paintings create higher and higher records in the art auction, the Frenchman said he is Frenchman, the Dutchman said he is Dutch ......... stars and the moon shared the light of the sun, when shall we glow to illuminate others, illuminate the world and history? Bloom the light and heat of the arts in Taiwan! There is a long way to go, Taiwan Art Association Come on! Ministry of Culture, Come on! We all Come on altogether!


Hsu ,Chung-Ying

(Director of Taiwan Fine Art Association, Spokesman of Cultural Earth Party)